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Dark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022 Colourtrend Paint by Weirs of Baggot St

Dark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022

Stepping into 2022 with an air of anticipation and hope, we actively welcome the calming influences of nature into our homes to brighten our interiors. Drawing inspiration from the flora and fauna around us, dark greens enable us to bring the outdoors in. From rich and earthy forest greens to dusted green-greys, dark greens have established themselves as a must have paint colour for the modern home.

Rich in colour and depth, dark greens are tones that we naturally gravitate towards. Choosing how you incorporate this colour scheme in your home is essential in establishing the ambience of the space. Dark greens can be sophisticated and dramatic or well-grounded and balanced. Dark Greens like Four Arches and Sweet Caper from the Contemporary Collection are steadily becoming staple features in any colour scheme. We’ve hand selected a variety of our favourite dark green paint hues for you to be inspired by. Continue reading to envision how you can incorporate this trend into your own home.

Dark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022 Colourtrend Paint by Weirs of Baggot St

Whether you’re completely redecorating or you’re looking to refresh your favourite room, accent walls are a simple, yet effective way of adding dimension and character to a space. Dark greens are extremely versatile and can beautifully accentuate brass, blacks, browns and natural woods, which means the dark green colour scheme works well as an accent or feature colour.

You’re guaranteed to add a sophisticated touch to your home when you introduce a deep forest green like Christmas Wreath as an accent colour. An accent wall can highlight the features of a room and draw attention to architectural elements of your home. Pictured above we have a beautiful example of how effective it is to use a dark shade like Christmas Wreath to further accentuate the feature wall, making it a focal point of the room.

Dark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022 Colourtrend Paint by Weirs of Baggot St

Most homes will have neutral colour schemes throughout. Dark, mossy greens like Sweet Caper can work in perfect harmony with warm, creamy neutral tones to establish a balanced, down to earth atmosphere.

Batch Loaf from the Contemporary Collection is a stone toned neutral that pairs particularly well with dark greens. Another neutral to consider here is Salter Stone, this shade has a taupe undertone that is strong and subtle at the same time. Paired well, it will allow the richness of Sweet Caper shine through.

ON THE WALLS AND WOODWORKDark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022 Colourtrend Paint by Weirs of Baggot St

Colour drenching is a dramatic painting technique in which one chosen colour is painted across multiple surfaces in one space. The most popular choice for colour drenching in a space is painting the walls and woodwork (such as kitchen cabinetry or skirtings) in the one colour. Colour drenching can elevate a space with a sophisticated and contemporary look that is far from conventional. Opting for a rich green shade using this painting technique will leave your interior feeling cosy and comforting.

Standing Tall is an exquisite woodwork shade making it the perfect candidate for this bold painting technique. Colour drenching your space in Standing Tall will create a bold and striking impact in your home. Design an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility with a soothing green-grey like Standing Tall.


So you see, the possibilities to explore with these dark green paint shades are endless. For inspiration and more ways to introducing similar shades into your home design, find and follow us on our social channels @weirsbaggotst. If you’re considering incorporating a dark green colour in your home but are unsure of where to start, reach out to our team of colour experts today, either in store or online.

We are here to help online Mon-Fri via our live chat feature on our website, email at and across our social channels @weirsbaggotst


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  1. Dark Greens - The Must Have Colour for 2022 Colourtrend Paint by Weirs of Baggot St

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