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How To Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree

How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree

Time is ticking with almost a month before the big day and people are starting to make plans to get their Christmas Tree up and decorated. The beauty about decorating a Christmas Tree is that it’s completely up to you and your tastes - however there are a few non-negotiables. We want you to have the most magical festive season possible and seeing as we all missed out last year, we have extra celebrating to do! Whether you’re planning on switching up your style this year, or it's the first time you’re designing your tree - here's our must have tips for every Christmas Tree

How to Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree - Start with the Tree. Shop Online at Weirs of Baggot St for all your Christmas Gifts and Decorations

First step to Decorating The Perfect Christmas Tree - Start off with the tree

Not to state the obvious, but before we can even consider the decorations we need to start with the basics - the tree. Not everybody has the luxury of space to accommodate a big, gorgeous 8ft tree, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your desired aesthetic. Map out where in your home you’ll put your tree and determine what size you’ll go for.

As well as this, there is the age old question of artificial vs real? Whilst it’s hard to beat the scent of Christmas tree pine, they can be quite messy and look a little dry and lifeless by the end of the festive period. There is nothing wrong with a fake tree - it’s more economical and environmentally friendly and you can even experiment outside of the classic green, or try another colour (think pink, silver, or gold).

Set a theme

To ensure you have the perfect, coordinated Christmas Decorations you’ll need to plan one cohesive theme. Whether it’s catering to one colour, a minimalist contemporary style, or going all out with a multicolour maximalist design loaded with ribbons, baubles and the works. Knowing where to start is paramount. An additional factor to consider when choosing your theme is whether you like to update your decorations every year or if you prefer to choose timeless pieces with sentimental value

How to Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree - Its All in the Lighting.  Shop Online with Weirs of Baggot St for all your Christmas Gifts and Decorations

It’s all in the lighting

What is a Christmas tree without a touch of sparkle? Next up you’ll have to consider some bright lights to draw attention to your well-decorated design. Again, there’s a wealth of possibilities, be it a subtle string light in bright white or a soft warm white. Or, if you’re in search of a standout piece, you can try something with some additional clip pieces, shaped in hearts or stars. 

Size matters

For the Baubles, think about the dimensions of your tree and how many variations of design you want to include. Naturally, if you’re constrained to a smaller sized tree, but you still want to explore playful, considerate designs you’ll need to invest in petite baubles that don't overwhelm the tree. On top of this, it's really important to consider the spacing between decorations to create a well balanced tree. We want to avoid having a super busy side of the tree vs a sparse corner

How to Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree - Size Matters. Choose the Perfect Christmas Baubles. Shop Online at Weirs of Baggot St for all your Christmas Gifts and Decorations

Think about the details

As always, the devil is in the details. One thing that should never be forgotten is covering the base of the tree. Tree Skirts are a must have when it comes to your Christmas Tree - after all, why go into all that effort to create a magical Christmas tree design, only to have a messy looking base? Consider using a nice blanket, throw, old table cloth or even buying a cut of hessian (burlap) from your local hardware store.

Top it off with something fabulous

And of course, we get to the pinnacle of tree decorating, the topper. There's plenty of beautiful tree topper options out there, and the great thing again is that it’s totally your choice. Whether you’re looking for a traditional star or angel or you want to find a fun, pop culture reference - you’ll want to pick something to be your tree's main focal point. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is to ensure it's not wonky once you finally put it on!

How to Decorate The Perfect Christmas Tree  - Top if off with a Christmas Topper. Shop Online with Weirs of Baggot St for all your Christmas Gifts and Decorations

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