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The Perfect Christmas Table Blog HEADER photo Weirs of Baggot Street

The Perfect Christmas Table

We love setting the table no matter the time of year, but there is something quite magical about setting the table for Christmas. Christmas dinner is a wonderful tradition for many households and in most cases, it's the main event of the day. The Christmas table is the place you get to sit down, reflect and share a meal with your loved ones. We have found that adding in a few simple and thoughtful things is all it takes to make something seem extra special and most importantly, meaningful. Here’s a few of our top tips for creating the Perfect Christmas Table.

The Perfect Christmas Table Blog Post Weirs of Baggot St

Bring the outside in:

We LOVE to use greens, flowers, herbs, or anything growing outside of the home. The best way to stay in the season is to use what is already growing around you. Nature knows best, don’t fight it. We promise every time it will be beautiful and just using simple texture and contrast rules while staying in a simple palette will do the trick. This time of year, Pine leaves or Eucalyptus work magic as do herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme.

Set the Mood:

There is nothing that great candles or any type of indirect light source cannot work its magic on. We adore tapered dinner candles and paired with some simple candlesticks you can create a beautiful moment in the centre of the table. We love the varying and intermittent heights that look good from every angle of the table. One trick to use with varying height of dinner candles, is to start with your ends. Place the lowest candle on each end and then fill in the middle. Start with them interchanging in size in a pattern and then break the pattern just by two or four of them switching places. It is an easy way to create a carefree organic feeling to the table.

Use varying textures:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some of your favourite textures and items in your home! Hessian, Linen sheets and Woolen throws. All of these household items can create wonderful texture throughout the table.

Bring in an Heirloom Piece:

We love to have something on a holiday table that speaks of tradition and heritage. You may have a set of glasses or a dish, candlesticks, a tablecloth, or even a table that speaks of that for you. Bring that heirloom piece in this year and make it a focal point. If it is the table don’t toss a linen on it, let it shine. If it is the candlesticks, forego anything taking attention away from them. Don’t over complicate the story.

Embrace the imperfections:

We can have the perfect, crisp linen napkins that are folded in straight lines, silverware that shines and that is all well and good, but don’t forget the most important thing about a Christmas table is the people you share it with. Embracing the imperfections is the easiest and quickest way to a stress-free and beautiful gathering.

We hope you enjoyed our post about building The Perfect Christmas Table. Follow our Pinterest page for more Christmas themed boards or check out or Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.

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