Frenchic your Front Door! Step-by-step guide

Frenchic your Front Door! Step-by-step guide

Dublin is famous for its bright and colourful front doors!

So much so that I was once told a story of how, back in the day, the Irish men would have such a great time at the pub that when it came time to go home they often got lost. Sometimes even walking into the wrong house and falling asleep on their neighbours couch. Naturally, this started to become a bit of a hassle - so the clever Irish Wives and Mammies decided to paint their front doors bright and colourful shades to help their husbands make it home!

Painting your front door is not only a statement, it’s a way to really show off your personality to the neighbourhood. 

Follow these easy steps to become the envy of your neighbours!

You can Frenchic any door surface be it PVC, uPVC, wooden or composite using our Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range and the prep is always the same. There is no need to prime, nor use sealant, but preparation is a must!

Step 1: Make sure your door is really clean with a wash using Frenchic (or similar) sugar soap, rinse well and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Give your door a light sand using sand paper, just enough to 'key' the surface, so the paint adheres more easily. Remove any dust.

Step 3: The fun part! Paint, without overloading your brush, allowing a minimum of TWO hours between coats. Two coats should do it - it may go to three depending on colour.

Step 4: Be gentle with your door for two - three weeks as the paint works it's magic and cures to a hard as nails finish.


paint when it's raining or there's moisture in the air or rain is forecast and make sure the temperature isn't likely to drop below 10 degrees (see instructions on tin).

We love to see your Frenchic transformations. Don't forget to tag us in your social media pictures @weirsofbaggotst

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