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8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts | Christmas Gifting Blog Post by Weirs of Baggot Street

8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s officially less than two months until Christmas Day and if that isn’t a little terrifying then I don’t know what it is. With less than 60 days on the cards, it's time to start thinking about presents! Presents are the absolute best and worst part of the festive period.  On the one hand, people give you presents! You also get to buy really wonderful things for your loved ones - which is so nice. But on the other hand... how do you kindly explain to your Ma that, while you appreciate the really fancy pair of earrings, you’ve never had your ears pierced? What do you get your One that you're seeing but not seeing seeing? Is it alright to buy your Dad a sweater two years in a row? Thankfully, there is one super easy solution to squash all gift related worries: books. Here's why a book makes the very best gift.

  8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts Blog by Weirs of Baggot St1. You’re giving someone a whole world

Giving someone a great book is basically sending them on a wonderful mental vacation for free! All of the amazing new adventures without the rubbish airport waits. Neil Gaiman once said “ Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!”

2. Wrapping a Book is super easy

Now - I know this doesn't sound like a huge selling point… but let me tell you when it's one in the morning on Christmas day and you’re trying to wrap an awkward sized kids toy, a candle or a basketball with no box - A rectangle book is going to look reaaaal good.

  8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts Blog by Weirs of Baggot St3. Books don’t break the bank

Books are very affordable which means you get to shower your people with thoughtful gifts that don’t end up costing a fortune. Yes, there might be a limited edition or a sturdy hardback, but paperbacks and second hand books are fairly well priced. Also on that note - there’s no need for accessories like batteries or add ons - Bonus.

4. Books can encourage people to explore new ideas

Tired of arguing with your brothers about politics and the long lasting repercussions of unaddressed family trauma had on your childhood? Buy him a book. A well-written book is a wonderful way to help point them in the right direction, and saves yourself the energy of another Facebook rant. I can guarantee there’s an expert out there with a wealth of knowledge all readily available in paperback form. I'm in no way suggesting that you should try to sneakily brainwash your relatives through quality, diverse reading material... but… a book is a great gateway gift.

  8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts Blog by Weirs of Baggot St5. Books are the ultimate re-giftable

We all know that re-gifitng is a taboo subject that we don’t like to talk about, however re-gifting a Book is entirely different. Gifting someone a book that you have read and adored so much so that you wish to share it with them is both incredibly thoughtful and cost-effective. It’s a win-win.

6. There’s a book out there for everyone

The wonderful thing about Books is that there is something out there for everyone. When people say they’re not a big reader or they don’t enjoy books - it’s just that they haven’t found their right one. Books come in every style, genre, and language. Whether you’re buying for a crime busting mystery lover, a hopeless romantic or your sister who just went plant based and needs some new recipes to experiment with. You can find the perfect book for anyone.

   8 Reasons Books Make The Perfect Holiday Gifts Blog by Weirs of Baggot St

7. Books make people better

According to science, reading makes people more empathetic. And apparently people who read live longer, too. By giving someone a book, you’re basically gifting them a long and beautiful life full of kindness and great stories. And, while that's kind of hard to prove, it seems clear that readers are more likely to be kind and alive, so giving a book makes the world a measurably nicer place to live in.

8. Books last forever

Long after that book is gone the stories read and shared will last a lifetime. By giving a book you’re giving a story, and stories last forever.

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